Will my processor bottleneck these graphics cards?

Hi all

I am running (in a few days) an AMD X2 5000+ cpu which I hope to overclock to around the 3Ghz mark.

So - A dual core 3Ghz processor with 667 ram, and currently a 9600GT overclocked.

I'm thinking of gettign a GTS 250, or maybe even a HD 5770.

Will my system bottleneck a 5770? If so, is it even worth going for the GTS 250?

Everything runs nice now, I just want to be able to use higher settings on games like GTA4 etc
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  1. The 5770 should be ok, so long as your resolution isn't too high, maybe 1024.
  2. Try to overclock the cpu more, like something around 4Ghz and try to play at high resolutions(this will put down a bit of stress from the cpu).

    buy the HD 5770 ,its a very good card and will help you to play GTA 4(i won't reccomend the GTS 250 over a HD5770).

    You'll be fine in this :D
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