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I am going to buy ati 5750 or 5770 .Which manufacture will be best (xfx,powercolor, sapphire,his, asus, msi.....)? Wick kind of smps i need?
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  1. ASUS

    ... all great bransd for ATI cards.

    what do you mean by smps?
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    Depends on which country you are from.

    As jonpaul mentioned.. this list would be good in the US.

    SMPS = PSU!

    For either Corsair VX450W is enough, unless you plan to CF in the future.

    Also HD5770 all the way. No HD5750.
  3. yeah, in regards to a power supply, Corsair is a great brand, try for 500w+ to leave room for future upgrades... And as hell_storm said, go 5770...
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