On-board vs. X-FI titanium (optical)

So I had the lowest end creative sound card in my system, the Audigy SE I believe. I needed it for 7.1 capabilities. Well I recently sold my computer speakers due to the purchase of a home theater system. I planned to connect my computer to my LCD tv through HDMI and to my home theater set up through optical. The Audigy SE did not have optical out, so I purchased the Creative X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty (it was on sale).

It turns out, my on-board sound card (Intel HD audio, on a Foxxconn nvidia 570 SLI board) has an optical out (crap). So I am sitting here with a nice new sound card and I am not even sure I will need it. What kind of benefits can I expect from this sound card? Is it worth the $60 I spent on it? Thanks!
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  1. you will only get he msot benifits if u use analogue output.

    what is your home theatre setup??? if ur amp/receiver is good, then u may not need a soundcard.
  2. what is your HTS? using the analogue on your HTS would be a definite plus but the optical will have issues...as most people on the forums post of this.

    I'd advise to go and have a shot at both...though your 570 will have limitations with the onbaord soundchip. I'm kinda skeptical about the x-fi's ability with the one plug solution for HTS's - they have a dodgy driver support and a problematic optical out. Games(some) won't sound 5.1/7.1 but movies will play with 5.1/7.1 no prob
  3. i doubt he has any intentions of any recording.
  4. I do not have any intention of recording. Just want to use my home theater speakers without having the clutter of an extra 5.1 setup (computer speakers). My home theater receiver is an Onkyo HT-R550 (http://www.propertyroom.com/ItemDetails.aspx?l=7466900).
  5. ^ thats half of the equation. What about the speakers for your HTS setup?

    your x-fi is atop of the onboard at this point and since you've bought it (i don't think there are return options...or is there?)

    Realtek ALC882H specs and SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty specs (might need to click on the specifications tab).

    The x-fi has a better SNR ;Signal-to-Noise Ratio; than the realtek - 109dBA vs 90dBA respectively.

    But you could return it and get an HT | Omega striker :/ and i just looked up your recievers manual from here, it'll support the connectivity.

    But Like i said, use the coaxial S/PDIF then optical from your mobo first and then move on to the x-fi optical. The one that sounds better takes home the crown.
  6. if your receiver is the updated to teh HDMI.13 version get a cheap ATI 5xxx or 6xxx grahpics card.
  7. MEgamer said:
    if your receiver is the updated to teh HDMI.13 version get a cheap ATI 5xxx or 6xxx grahpics card.

    The hdmi is video pass through only.
  8. Well, the main advantage the X-fi will give is the ability to encode 5.1 audio to either Dolby or DTS, so you can pass a 5.1 signal over a SPDIF connection. So if you do games and have a 5.1 setup, the X-fi gives the ability to output 5.1 over optical by encoding the game audio to one of those formats.
  9. ^
    ^ i see

    jsut use analogue connection, unless of course ur amp is much better.
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