E4500 upgrade?

I've just won a few quid ;) and would like to upgrade my ageing PC. I have:
ASUS P5QL Pro motherboard
2 * 1GB PC8400 DDR2 ram (matched)
Radeon 9500 Pro gfx card
Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit)
Thanks to a costly but failed attempt at overclocking, the hardware is all running at stock speeds. (I lost another 2GB of RAM and a mobo when that happened!)

I used to play loads of games on my PC but that has fizzled out lately. (The convenience of the console has won me over on that front - tho I do miss my old friend the mouse.) So now I'm using my PC mostly for fairly mundane tasks but occasionally for things like video/photo editing, a bit of .NET coding and so on. Essentially I just want it to work faster!

I'm 99% certain that I'll be upgrading to Windows 7. I'm inclined to go 64 bit - thoughts? That leaves me with a sniff under £200 to spend on hardware.

What do I do about the guts of my PC? For starters I'm thinking that I'll want a matched pair of 2GB of PC8500 DDR2, costing say £80. Then I'm on to processors. My budget isn't big enough to allow a new mobo at the same time so I'm planning to make the best of what I've got. Do I go for a Q8400 or would I do better to stick with 2 cores and go to E8x00 with a higher clock speed?

All help is much appreciated! Thanks.
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  1. Typo spotted - my current RAM is PC6400 (not PC8400!)
  2. Radeon 9500? cant be thats agp???

    Suggestions - get a Q6600 or Q9xxx chip and perhaps an aftermarket cooler for overclocking, also get windows 7 64-bit and dump vista 32, and depending on PSU a new video card if your gaming, and more ram? 4gb?

    either that or a new system
  3. Yeah I saw that too. A Radeon 9500 Pro it might be a PCI version.That graphics card is such an antique that some of my current systems have a more powerful Integrated Graphics Chip on board.To mrawson see the Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart here.
    Even sub $50 USD graphics cards are vastly more powerful (for gaming) like the HD 4650.
    I've had a 9700 All in Wonder Pro graphics card which is above the 9500 Pro in performance in the year 2003 which was 7 years ago.No wonder gaming on the PC has fizzled out for you.

    Here is the listed CPU's compatible for that motherboard.

    Yes,indeed a CPU upgrade would be nice too (either a fast dual core or a quad core CPU) and so would some extra memory.But that graphics card should be replaced first (ouch).
  4. Ah crud - got the graphics card wrong too. It's actually a Radeon X1950 Pro (PCI-E x16), which is still pretty old but does cope with most of the games that I occasionally play. But gaming isn't that high on my list any more.

    64 bit Windows 7 is a definite then - thanks.

    Revised current spec!
    Intel E4500
    2GB PC6400
    Radeon X1950 Pro (PCI-E)
    Vista 32 bit
    So I'm now thinking I want to be aiming for:
    Intel Q8400
    4GB PC8500
    Radeon 4650 (min)
    Windows 7 64 bit
    How does that sound? Reckon I could swing that if I sold the spare parts on ebay too.

    Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for all the advice. In the end I've gone for this:

    Intel Q8400
    Extra 4GB of PC6400, making 6GB total (I did some more reading about this and expanding seemed a better use of the money)
    Radeon HD5670
    Windows 7 64 bit

    Everything seems rather quicker now! ;)
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