Looking for consensus... 470 worth it over 460? re: new build

So I've been back and forth on this a lot... I'm just not sure if the 470 is worth the extra $ for my new build, compared to the 460.

I will be gaming at 1920 x 1080.

I've already ordered most of the other parts

i5 760, asus p7p55d-e pro, 4gb g.skill ram, xfx 850 black edition PSU, etc, spinpoint f3 1TB, etc.

First off, if I get the 470, I'm goin all the way with one of these bad boys (giga super OC 470):


And this cyclone 1gb 460 would be my other choice


Here's what I'm thinking. This 470 is a really nice card. It beats the reference 470 in cooling, noise, power consumption, and speed. I can get one and should be fine for a while. Later down the road, I can add another for some killer SLI.


The 460 is a hit. It's better bang for buck it would seem. One card would be OK, and the SLI scales awesome. Not as powerful as 470 tho.

I want this setup to last a while, with the addition of the second card extending its potency significantly.

I really don't mind spending the extra $ on the 470 - if it's actually worth it.

Looking for thoughts - opinions - suggestions - input.
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  1. For the money the 460 would be my choice.
  2. Since you're gaming at 1080p it may be worth it for you to just spend the extra money on a GTX 470. If you can live with occasionally lower AA and AF settings then just get a GTX 460 and add another one down the road. By the time two 460s in SLI aren't enough for you you'll probably be upgrading again anyway. A 460 now and a second one latter is the most reasonable choice.

    Of course this comes from a guy who bought a 5870 when they were still $400 to game a 1680x1050 and is thinking of getting a second one :D. Sometimes it's just about want.
  3. I know you've already heard from me, but I'm just gonna say this: If you get the faster card, the worst case scenario is that you have a faster card and a few fewer dollars that you didn't need anyway.
  4. Hrm, though 460 sli is nice... but 470 sli is better. I'm thinking the top of the line 470 will be good for a while solo... and down the road i'll add the 2nd which will rock and by then the price will have gone down too
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