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can i use my 500gb western digital hdd for a new pc im building? it says it has sata 3gb/s and need 5vdc: 0.55a power. the sata cable does connect to one of the pins on the hdd but i have not yet booted it up. could i use this as my primary hard drive? i do have 2 other pc hdds but they dont connect to the sata cables??
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  1. Yes, you may need a tray adapter to fit the 2.5" drive in a standard 3.5" hard drive tray.

    It will be 5400 rpm and not perform as well as a proper desktop 7200 rpm 3.5" drive.

    You do realize you will have to install windows from scratch on it because of the different hardware?
  2. ya i can install windows from scratch but i do not need the hdd to fit somehwere i just put som escrews on top and its nice and snug in there and i will eventully get a desktop hdd but the rest of my hdd arent sata because they are sooo old like 5 yeears. i dont mind the slowness i can wait a little longer for boots and maps to load. im thinking about getting an 120 gig sdd later on
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