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I needed to upgrade my graphic card in my Optiplex 745 SFF. I used an 8400 Gs. I needed the serial # for it, so I removed it. doing so I noticed it was very hot. Put it back in and installed speedfan.

According to the results:

HDD 57c
CPU 80
GPU 80

Are those temps ok?

The pc is only used for some net surfing and occasional video capture from a DVR via firewire.
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  1. CPU looks hot, I'd suggest reapplying the thermal paste.

    Check temps are accurate with HWmonitor also.
  2. I took out the new graphic card and rechecked. The HD temp went down 10 degrees
  3. Sounds like your card is pushing out some heat and the case isn't clearing to well, what case fans do you have?

    You could get something like this that will not only cool your card but act as an exhaust fan inside your case.

    Or an individual exhaust fan, but with the other one it should reduce the heat of your card also.

    I would still re-do your cpu thermal paste whatever.
  4. It does seem like an airflow issue, the hard drive is too warm should be under 40c.
  5. I took out the video card and removed the hard drive bracket and put it on top of the cd drive, just to check the temps. The hard drive temp went down to about 45c.

    Probably a good thing I did it. Removing the bracket, I noticed there is no hard drive fan. Got the part # from Dell.

    How much are the replacement fans from Dell? There's a refurbished one on Amazon for $10
  6. What size is the fan, you don't have to buy a Dell one.

    If its a front mounted fan that cools your drives it will also be your intake fan.

    Does the case have an exhaust fan mounted in the rear also?

    The gpu cooler is definately gonna help with your gpu and case temps.
  7. The part # is TJ160

    There's exhaust fan in the rear
  8. You will need that exact unit then, $10 is cheap.

    Does the case have a front intake fan?
  9. The only fan I think there is in the from, is inside the thing covering the processor
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