Flash Drive 8GB Problem

Hello everybody

I have a flash drive 8 GB.
I want to format it using FAT but I have an error message (The volume is very big)
Is there a solution for that problem?
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  1. I'm assuming you mean FAT32. What OS are you using (Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, etc.)? Were you formatting from a command prompt? If yes, what did you type in the command line?
  2. Thanks for reply
    I don't mean FAT32 I meant FAT
    I'm using Win 7

    I tried to format using command prompt using this line
    format j:/fs:fat
  3. Just out of curiosity why does the flash drive need to be formatted as FAT instead of FAT32? This may help me find an answer for you. There is a partition limit of 2GB when formatting with FAT which is why you are getting the "volume is too big" error message.
  4. I have a tutorial to put Hiren's Boot on USB Drive ..
    The first step in this tutorial is to format the USB Drive to FAT
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