CoolerMaster RC310 Elite Standard PSU?

I'm currently planning my first custom build with a budget of around $550, and I'm pretty sure of what parts I'm getting, except for the case/PSU.

I recently changed to a CoolerMaster RC310 Elite for my case, ( which comes with a PSU. I haven't been able to actually find any information on what PSU that is, and that's what I'm asking about. Does anyone know which PSU is included, and/or what kind of wattage I would get from it?

I've heard (or read) a lot of stuff about a bad or unreliable PSU causing damage to other parts of the computer, so I just want to be completely sure before I buy.

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. I checked that case and ps last week at frys, when it was on sale for $29.99 after rebate. I believe the ps had 16 or 17 amps on a single 12v rail. You're basically getting this ps for free, so try it. Save for an antec, seasonic, corsair, enermax, or ocz with 550-750w if you want to use a high end video card.
  2. I'm not really planning on doing anything too extreme yet, I'm only using a Geforce GT240 in terms of video card, so while I might look at upgrading it in a couple of years, I don't really need anything that good for my PSU yet.

    I will give it a go, as long as nobody has actually had any bad experiences with it. Still, does anyone know exactly which PSU is included with the case?
  3. newegg sells the RC310 with both the 460w and 420w. not much difference between the two, both will power a GT240 but that's about it.
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