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Hi there!

I have big problem my wife deleted a folder full of photos from my samsug galaxy s2.
I tried some recovery programs like (Recover My Files v5, yodot recover for android) but these from 200 recovered 10 in good shape another ones can not open anyway.
I still see the my pictures in my phone when i connect to my pc but these files like 1334535234.tec

Please guys if somebody was in same shoes help me because these pictures comes form my 1 years old daughter.

Thank you!
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  1. Hi guy, I feel for you loosing those pictures but this is a pc site and we know lots about pcs but I personally don't know how to recover on android. You may get someone here who knows but if I were you, I'd try some android support sites. Good luck!
  2. Thank you i'll try it!
  3. I use linux and just tested photorec with my LG phone and it works. There is a windows version. Be sure to click on file options on the second screen and narrow the search down to photos only or you'll be copying everything.
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