I just installed A new Intel E 7400 on asus P5N-D motherboard. My old temps on this board on a Intel 6400 stayed in the 70's new chip is running a 108 to 155. I have a small cooler master cooler on the cpu in a cooler master 932 haf. So if anybody can help please do?
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  1. Ae we talking in F or C? That makes a difference. My Q6600 runs at about 30-34c depending on ambient and then 50c under full load.

    I would probably check your heatsink as it may not be sitting properly. As well make sure you used fresh thermal paste as that can cause issues since old paste will be dry and not conduct heat well or leave a large amount of air bubbles which also prevent heat from conducting to the cooler properly.
  2. If those temps are in C shut it down, way too hot :fou:

    As mentioned above have you installed the heatsink properly and given it a good clean before hand. This may help-
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