I need a build for under $800 (preferably Intel)

Does anyone wanna make me a build I can make?
I want an i5-760 with 4GB 1333MHz Ram preferably.

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  1. ^ Give more details about your requirement and such...
    And specific reason why Intel ?? If It was me I would go with the one that gives better performance for the money...
  2. Approximate Purchase Date: this fortnight

    Budget Range: 700-800

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Internet, Torrents, Photoshop, Gaming, Video Editing, 3D editing (Maya, thought i'd try it)

    Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Anywhere for Australia

    Country of Origin: Australia

    Parts Preferences: I will be getting a 20-23" screen later on. No real preferances up to you what you think is better

    Overclocking: Maybe

    SLI or Crossfire: Up to you

    Monitor Resolution: to suit HDMI (22" and 32")

    Additional Comments: Nothing really, I would rather Intel but not too fussed
  3. 700-800 AUD$ right ? Well am sure if you want to have good gaming performance as well, then it would go a little over $800...
    Here is a sample config -
    i5 760 - $229
    Mobo -
    G-B P55-USB3 - ~$139
    RAM - 4GB DDR3 GSKillz/ Team - ~$95
    Graphics card - HD 5770 - $174
    HDD - WD or Samsung or Seagate 500GB - $48
    PSU - Antec ECO HCG 520 - $90
    CASE - Antec 300 - $65
    Total - ~$840

    AMD -
    X4 955 + Asus M4A87TD-USB3
    Rest same - This setup would cost ~$100 less...

    Parts price sourced from -
  4. what about a $100-ish graphics card? gaming isnt a priority really, i can cope with it as long as it can run Left for dead 1 or 2 (and similar) games on low-mid settings.
    and as long as it has HDMI/DVI im good.
  5. ^ Then you can get a low powered card like HD 5750 or even HD 5670, but I see that you are fine with Mid-settings, then check out cards like HD 4850/ GTS 250/ HD 4870,...these are all very good cards and are DirectX 10 but are very powerful...
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