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Okay, so I just received Win7 Proffesional 64-bit upgrade. I am upgrading from Windows XP SP3 32 bit. I am aware that I will need to back up all my files, install win7 then move them back across (Imaging/ghosting? correct me if I'm wrong). The only issue is that currently I only have a spare 150GB hdd lying around and about 400GB (max 500GB) of files to keep. Could I simply move my current WinXP onto my 150GB HDD then upgrade it on that, then move it all back onto my other hdd? My winXP notified me that I have 1 more use left for upgrading hardware on my computer if that's any relevance. Any information is greatly appreciated :)
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  1. You don't actually perform an "upgrade" from XP to Win7. You will actually perform a clean install. Also, just for reference, there is no upgrade path from any 32-bit version of Windows to any 64-bit version of Windows (once again, a clean install required).

    That being said, you will have to reinstall all of your apps/games/etc afterward. Knowing this, do you really need to copy 400GB of data?
  2. I am trying to avoid downloading anything because my ISP is terrible and normally cap me for anything, hence why I really would like to backup as much as possible... For example steam takes up over 120GB itself and I couldn't afford to redownload one game, let alone a lot of that :/ Also, the disk simply says on it: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit x64 Upgrade: Pre-existing OS liscense Required (which I have). Will a clean install be fine on that then?
  3. Also, i just read this: On the Which type of installation do you want? page, click Custom.

    Choose the partition containing Windows XP (this is often the computer's C: drive), and then click Next. (Do not select your external USB hard drive.)

    In the Windows.old dialog box, click OK.
    From Here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows7/help/upgrading-from-windows-xp-to-windows-7
    Most of my needed files are on my D partition. Will it only erase the files on the main (C) drive or the D drive as well?
  4. It will only erase the files from the drive that you are installing it on. If it makes you feel any safer go inside your computer and unhook the data cable on the drive you don't want the OS on.
  5. Both C and D are on the same hdd, but different partitions. I wish to know if it will only wipe my C drive when I clean install, or if it will wipe the whole hdd (both partitions)? XP is only installed on the C partition
  6. Only the partition it is installed to will be changed.
  7. Okay thanks for the confirmation. I'm just going to install it and hope that things go well :) Changing ISP soon anyway so I may as well download everything then change, thanks for the help
  8. buy an external hdd and backup your steam games on it. Steam allows you to backup any of its games easily and are compressed into single click installers making it easier to distribute and install again.
  9. Installed win7 :) No problems, it didn't actually delete any of my files and steam spent two minutes upon starting it to work again :)
  10. nice, good job :)

    Still, since your on a limited internet plan, consider backing your games. Losing GBs!! worth of games isn't fun, i learnt my mistake the first time, but only because i didnt know you could backup :\
  11. Thanks and before doing the install I used my old 150GB HDD to backup steamapps, the other non-steam games will have to be unsafe though :(
  12. if you have serial keys to those games you can use them to download if they are available on steam:) But yea steam wont backup 3rd party games added to the list :(
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