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9800GTX+ power supply?

Currently i am running MSI 4870 512 OC
I brought a old 9800GTX+, wondering can my power supply handle it...
I found this thing, my 9800gtx+ only got one 8 pin power supply only...
So weird...
Is from Manli 9800GTX+ 512mb

This is my spec,
P4 630 3.0ghz HT
4G Corsair 800mhz ram
Maxtor 80G -win Xp pro
Seagate Barracuda -1000G Win 7 Ulti
Msi 4870 512 OC
CM Gx-550
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  1. Would you mind getting the specs of your PSU?

    Not just rated wattage. Also want rated Amp output on the 12V rail/s
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    If it is working properly, easily.

    The GX series is CoolerMaster's latest attempt at producing a decent PSU. It has a single 44 amp 12 volt rail.

    The 4870 and the 9800GTX+ each need about 10 - 11 amps. If you were to run both cards and the CPU, that would total about 30 amps, leaving plenty for the rest of your system.
    This is the model, not available in US
    Rating is 44A
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  5. C'mon guys, he has only P4...
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