Pls tell me a h67 motherboard with 2 front usb 3.0 ports

i dont want any passthrough to be connected..
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  1. The case is what will have front panel ports; what you need is a motherboard with onboard USB 3.0 (a USB 3.0 header) AND a case with front panel USB 3.0.

    Does it have to be H67? It might be difficult (or for all I know impossible) to find a an H67 board with onboard USB 3.0. Plenty of H67 boards have USB 3.0 ports in the I/O panel, so you could always get a board with back panel ports and use those. Or you could try out the newer Z68 chipset.
  2. The issue H67 chipset doesnt support USB 3.0 (this is the same with all the "6" series boards). At this point we havent released our USB 3.0 controller, so any controller that is on the board is an add in controller. So what you are looking is a motherboard manufacturer that is building in the header for front access USB 3.0. Asus on their Maximus IV Extreme-Z has some USB 3.0 additional ports but this is a Z68 chipset based board on the very high end.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. H67 motherboard with USB 3.0 ports -

    Z68 motherboard with USB 3.0 ports AND a USB 3.0 header (for front panel connector) -
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