Looking for the most silent psu

im looking for a psu that is around 600-650w and as silent as possible, and stable and reliable at the same time.
i found out that its more safer compared to having a 1000w psu because it felt like getting my intestines got yanked out through the ass when i turned it on. literally i got scared of a 1000w due to flikering lights
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  1. Hi !

    Well, in my opinion, Seasonic makes the best silent power supplies : the fanless type (up to 460w only). They are very reliable, and have good reviews.

    Here's a link to the seasonic website (for the "updated" X-series, not fanless, but very silent) :

    Here's a link to a review of the 650w X-series (the "older" generation) :

    Hope this helps !
  2. a 1000w psu will not pull more than a 600w at startup. it will only supply what your computer needs, so replacing a 1000w with a 600w ameks little to no difference in power cinsumption...if your lights are flickering because of your pc, get your homes wiring looked at before you burn the hosue down!
  3. Do you have your computer running next to your bed when you sleep? Is your cooling setup passive (no fans/pumps)? Or why else would you need absolute silence?

    If regular silence is enough - I'm happy with the Enermax 80+ gold rated PSU (Pro 87+ 500W, they have 600W etc). I've understood the gold-rated Seasonic would be just as good. In practice you will not be able to hear them at all even when the fans are running... case fans etc tend to be more noisy - if you have 140mm at 330RPM it's kind of obvious it can't be too loud :sol:
  4. seasonic s12 is very quiet, oversize it a little and it'll never get hot enough to bother you.
  5. What are your system specs.?
  6. Emperus said:
    What are your system specs.?

    my build
    motherboard: ASUS P7H57D-V EVO
    CPU: socket 1156 intel i5 quad core 2.8GHz cache 8MB
    CPU-heatsink:Zalman CNPS7000C-AlCu LED CPU cooler
    RAM corsair dominator 2x2GB DDR3
    GPU: xfx ati radeon 5770 1GB ram GDDR5
    GPU-heatsink: standard
    AUDIO CARD: ASUS Xonar D2X/XDT 7.1 Channel PCI Express
    HDD:western digital 1) 2xCaviar® green 2TB 2) 320GB
    cabinet: Chieftec WH-01 Miniserver Sort
    chassis fan: akasa 120mm LED fan 17,5dB
  7. yeah, 550w would be plenty.
  8. ok so what psu should i put my money on because my psu is liek 4-5 years old and it makes some fansqueeky noise :P
  9. And what PSU do you have.
  10. Yes 1000W is serious overkill for that power wise.

    Take a look at this thread and read the PSU suggestions, since your requirements are similar: I think you would be very happy with the low noise of the Enermax and Seasonic options, but your other components will be significantly noisier than these PSUs, so if you are on a budget you can consider the other options too.
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    The Corsair VX 550 should be plenty for your needs.. And it'll give you adequate silence also..
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    this is a bit cheaper and better value then the vx
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