New gaming system, around $1,000, need help

Hey, I really don't know to much about computers, but currently need to get a new one (my laptop is coming onto it's fourth year of use, and it shows.... damn Vista). I know I want the best bang for my buck, and will be primarily gaming so that should be the focus.

Approximate Purchase Date: Sometime in November (hopefully early, but will late if good deals will be happening with Cyber-Monday and Black Friday

Budget Range: Hopefully around $1,000

System Usage: Gaming, light photo-editing, internet-use, music, etc.

Parts Not Required (currently own): Monitor, mouse, speakers, keyboard, OS (Windows 7)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: US

Parts Preferences: Whatever is good quality in comparison to price

Overclocking: Not at first, but if possible, yes

Crossfire: Not at first, but would like the option to do so

Monitor Resolution: 1,920x1,080 (will be using my 32" HDTV as a monitor)

Additional Comments: I really want to run the OS off a SSD, and have an additional drive (around 500gb) as a secondary drive. Also, if possible I ant a crossfire capable card. The price is slightly flexible, but the lower, the better. Can anyone help?
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  1. Ok.... I will see what I can do about fitting a SSD in the system...
    -Is the HDTV natively 1920x1080?
    -Intel + radeon is the best bet (to all the other tomers[=o can I call you people that?] out there, 6000 series will drop the price...)
    Ok, I found a Combo that is about your price range, it isn't exactly what you asked for, but.... ~~ you will still need a GPU, I advise HD 5770... or higher depending on the price drop. that is about 150 right now, but will drop =D.

    RAM: (I still stink at choosing ram, though I do think I am getting better, lol =/)
    Case: on combo below
    DVD/CD: both on this combo.

    I swear I am forgetting something, but I am too sleeply to check... lol =p
  2. The Tv is natively 1080p, so no need to worry. As well, I really would like it to be USB 3.0 capable. Any other configs? I'll be running a 32bit OS, but may go to a 64bit if it is worth the upgrade.
  3. You'd have to be crazy to use 32 bit, you can only use a small amount of your computer's potential....
    oh **** I forgot a mobo, fail, I was soo tired... =/

    Try this mobo, it will putyou over your budget (man Istink at that D,=)
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