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I have a hard drive with all of my games and my OS on it and I want to put my OS on an SSD, would I just download Windows on it from my Windows disc and activate the key again or will there be problems since I've already used the key? What will happen to my previous Windows operating system and files? BTW I'm getting a Samsung 830 series 60GB SSD.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. The previous OS and files will remain on the hard drive you are replacing. If you install the OS, using the disk, on a new drive you will have to reinstall the programs and drivers you need. It may be possible to clone the drive and avoid having to reinstall all of the programs but that depends in part on how much space you need. As far as the key goes you may have to contact Microsoft if you have trouble activating windows. Are you sure a 60GB SSD wil be large enough for your needs?
  2. I agree with Kenrivers. Too small of a drive for your OS and games. I just ripped through 150gb of 256 with only Adobe CS6, Avid studio and BF3. Win7Pro O.S No assets those are on my other drives. I was on chat with BF3 the other night and was told the game does not have to be on your Drive your OS is on...BTW. I though it was necessary but I stand corrected.
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