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I am copying 889 Go but Windows shows 483 Go

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January 2, 2013 11:48:24 PM

Hello World!

So, here's the situation :

I have a 1 To hard disk drive that is almost full. For christmas, I bought 3 hard disk drives of 3 To each and set them in raid 5. It left me with 5.6 To of usable storage. I then encrypted the raid 5 array with truecrypt.

Next step is to copy the content of my 1 To to my encrypted raid 5. This step is currently in progress. To start the copy, I left-clicked, in Windows Explorer, on my 1 To, hit CTRL+C, left-clicked on my encrypted raid 5 array, left-clicked on the blank space where the files and folders are supposed to be displayed (I had none, so nothing was displayed, enhance the "blank space") and hit CTRL-V. However, there is a weird problem.

When I right click my 1 To in Windows Explorer and then on "Propriety", it shows me that, on this drive, 889 Go is used. However, the Windows copy window is telling me that it is currently copying 483 Go of data.

Wtf happened? Are my files magically taking more space on my 1 To than they will on my encrypted raid 5 array? Is windows not gonna copy half of my files? Are my files magically going to take up 889 Go of space once fully copied in the target?


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January 3, 2013 1:34:53 AM

I think I found the problem.

At the end of the 483 Go of transfert, I had an error because I couldn't copy the folder "System volume information". And every folder that came after "System volume information" in alphabetical order weren't in the target destination.

I'll continue to copy by manual selection and come back with the results.
January 3, 2013 1:40:02 AM

(I would also make a wild ass guess that the famous "System volume information" is responsable for making a disk drive use the storage capacity from the disk drive that it was cloned from.)