Palit GTX 460 2GB vs EVGA GTX 460 1GB vs ASUS ENGTX460 1GB?

Palit: and

EVGA: (I don't know which EVGA GTX 460 1GB to choose - compare with the best one)

ASUS: and

The Palit one is definitely better on paper, but is it really stable and reliable?

Also which EVGA GTX 460 1GB is better? The superclocked ones? Can't I just buy a normal one and overclock it myself?

All answers to any of the questions are appreciated
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  1. dam no one answered, i am also wondering this
  2. MSI Cyclone is hands down the best 460.
  3. MagnumJohnson said:
    MSI Cyclone is hands down the best 460.

    I hope you mean MSI Hawk..... :pfff:

    MSI Hawk > Asus DirectCU > MSI Cyclone > Gigabyte's

    Any card you get you can overclock yourself.
  4. Anyone know if any brand other than ASUS or MSI yet have power-regulation? I've been holding out til either comes down to the $210-range (US) for a 1GB version so I could strip off the cheapy heatsink for water-cooling SLI... IF Palit does, I'd buy 'em today - though I believe I've read that only them two (MSI+ASUS) offer such hardware.
  5. For the GTX460, the card with the highest overclock usually wins.

    Normally, the Palit Sonic Platinum 1gb wins most benchmark reviews, and has the highest factory overclock (800mhz), next to the Galaxy version (810mhz), POV (820mhz), and KFA2 (820mhz). It took the best price/performance crown in a recent Tom's Hardware article. It even beats Palit's own GTX470. All of the cards you mentioned were tested head to head:,2714.html

    The EVGA Superoverclock appears to have good "binning" and is able to overclock the highest without applying a voltage tweak (~880mhz). (Most any brand graphics card can be overclocked and voltage tweaked using the Afterburner software.)

    This article compares 768mb vs 1gb vs 2gb versions of the Palit GTX460:
    Quote:"1GB vs 2GB is tricky. Honestly speaking, the gains are minimal at best. In some rare titles such as Stalker: Call of pripyat a sizeable 16% FPS gain was seen. Other titles also displayed some measurable gains but they weren't enough to significantly improve game play experience. It depends on what you intend to do with these cards. Benchmarking wise, 2GB is still superior over 1GB but from a gameplay point of view the benefits are hardly noticeable. But then again, this should be expected from cards that are fairly "low end" to begin with. "
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