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At the end of August, I purchased an external 32GB Class 10 Patriot Micro SD for my Samsung Galaxy S3. Today, I tried taking a photo but it said it was unable to save it onto my external SD card and thus it is saved onto the internal phone memory. When I got home, I plugged my phone (external SD card inside my phone) into my computer and it was able to display all the files within it. However, I was unable to put any new files into it (I did not try extracting anything). Thinking it was no big deal, I restarted my phone to see if the problem would still occur. Unfortunately, it made me unable to see any files within the external SD card on my phone and even through the computer. I also tried putting it into my Micro SD Adapter and plugging that into three different card readers and none of them were able to read it.

My question is, is it possible to still extract the files? I mainly want the pictures and maybe the saved rom files.


edit: should i try a different micro sd adapter? also, sorry if this is in the incorrect section.

edit:edit: ok i tried testdisk again and this time it worked better. it was able to recover around 70% of the files.
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    There may be problem on your memory card if it was not detected in any card reader or system the only way to get back your data use some data recovery software's available online , some of them are free. These software's have great features to recover your important data.

    I've tried using TestDisk but it was only able to retrieve 5 out of the 300 photos taken with my cellphone. Are there any other software that you would recommended?
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