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Which SSD is best for win 7 and apps....your opinion pls!

Hi. I have built my gaming pc and the last touch will be the SSD. I want to go with either a 1tb or 2tb WD cav black; specs:
Gigabye z77z-ud3h; gigabyte gtx 660 oc, i5-3570k; 8gb corsair vengeance; 700w corsair gs700; 1 or 2 tb WD cav black hdd.....AND.....

What do you recommend for SSD (for win 7 and apps only):
Ocz agility 4 256gb/128gb
Samsung 840. 250gb
Ocz vertex. 240gb
Intel 330. 180gb
Intel 335. 240gb
Ocz agility 4. 128gb
Ocz vertex 4. 128gb
Ocz octane. 128gb/256gb
Samsung 840 pro. 128gb
Crucial m4. 256gb
Crucial v4. 256gb

Or any other ssd you can recommend? This will be my first ssd and I am a bit frightened becUse of all the confusing data and reviews by hundreds of people and websites.

Thank you.
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  1. I don't know which is best but I am currently using Intel drives in my desktop and a laptop computer. I have been pleased with the performance. They have held up well so far with quite a bit of use for hd video editing. I have read good things about the Samsung drives in the forums here.
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    Samsung 840 pro series.
  3. I ended up with Samsung 840 250gb! Loving it so far.
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  5. AWESOME hope it keeps serving you well.
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