The best gaming mosue! (questionnaire)

Hi. I made a list of the most popular mouse. Vote on the best mouse for games (mainly fps)!
Please do not vote for a particular mouse, just because you have it!

1. A4-Tech x7
2. A4-Tech AK-47
3. CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel
4. Creative Fatal1ty
5. Gigabyte GM-8000
6. Icon7 Z500
7. Microsoft Habu
8. Microsoft IE 1.1
9. Microsoft IE 1.1 Zowie (+2 buttons)
10. Microsoft IE 3.0
11. Microsoft IE 4.0
12. Microsoft SideWinder ..........1..........
13. Logitech G1
14. Logitech MX-310
15. Logitech MX-510
16. Logitech MX-518 ..........1..........
17. Logitech MX-518 Grade Gaming (1800 DPI)
18. Logitech G3
19. Logitech G5
20. Logitech G5000
21. Logitech G7
22. Logitech G7000
23. Logitech G9 ..........2..........
24. Razer Orochi
25. Razer Naga
26. Razer Mamba
27. Razer Diamondback 3G
28. Razer Krait
29. Razer Salmosa
30. Razer Lachesis
31. Razer Boomslang
32. Razer Imperator
33. Razer Spectre
34. Razer Deathadder (old)
35. Razer Deathadder Respawn
36. Roccat Kone
37. Roccat Kova
38. Roccat Pyra
39. Saitek Cyborg
40. Steelseries Ikari Laser
41. Steelseries Xai
42. Steelseries Kinzu
43. Qpad 5K
44. OTHER (what?)

I will try to keep counting the votes for a ~week. :hello:
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  1. Its going to be really hard to find someone that isn't biased towards a mouse they've had before and I doubt anyone has used all of the mice you've listed.

    I vote for the Microsoft Sidewinder as its comfy and responsive, although I would imagine alot of the other mice in that list are aswell.
  2. You missed the CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel.. Anyways, my vote goes to the Logitech MX518..
  3. Logitech G9X gets my vote.
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