How to overclock asrock k10n78 motherboard

I am looking to find correct settings for overclocking an amd phenom 2 black edition quad 3.2 ghz i think 965. I downloaded the asrock overclock tuner software for this motherboard.I need to know how much to bump up voltage per 100 mhz incriments and all the other settings again per 100mhz.right now I only bumped it up 100 mhz and only 5 volts on the chipset i don't want to mess around too much untill I know exactly what I am doing cause I can't afford to replace it.It is very stable at 3.3 ghz I only want to go up to 3.6 ghz. I am running a coolmaster case air cooled and my ram is 6 gb pc-2 5300 using dual chanel mode hope this info helps and I can get some good advice thanks
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  1. I suggest oc it just via Bios ! Set back it to default uninstall software oc cpu --- just go via bios -- move your post in overcloking forum and will get many answer and guide !
  2. Thanks was in a rush before and I am new here I moved it over to overclcocking
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