Psu fan control cable?

just brought a computer from cyberpowerpc, i think all the fans are at full speed, because it's really loud. did some google and found out about this psu fan control thing. since i am not good with computer, i'll just ask you guys. :D right now i am using a coolermaster silent pro gold 1000w power supply with a asus p7p55d-e pro mobo. i would really appreciate it if someone can teach me how to auto control all the fans speed.
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  1. You can listen to the puter close by to see which fans the noise is coming from. Easier if you leave the case open when running. Usually GPU fans are the loudest, but noise comes from the others too.

    For controlling fans, some come with adapters/control switches to set the voltage. Others go to the connectors on your mobo for software control - check the manual to see where these are on your mobo and see if the fans have suitable connectors (you can buy adapters for those separately too). Once the fans are connected to mobo you can control them from BIOS, or usually better with separate applications in the OS.

    It could help if you can gives us a list of the fans and/or all the parts that have fans in them. Or link to the model of PC that you bought, someone might be familiar with it...
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    Actually the first thing I'd check is if your fans are recognized (listed) in the BIOS settings, because that would mean they are connected to the mobo already. Plus it gives you a reading on fan RPM.
  3. yup, look like all of them is listed in the bios setting, just disabled that's all. now i have some option on the auto control setting, which you think i should pick?
    there setting for cpu and chassis, both have standard/silent/turbo option.

    i am using a v6 gt with i5-760, plan to over clock it to like 3.6ghz. video card is evga gtx 580 SC.
  4. you can look at the fans and see whether they connect to the psu directly or to the motherboard.

    get something like this:
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