Gaming Rig

I am from India

I want a gaming pc under 700-900$
preferably with

amd x6 1055 t
4gb ddr3
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  1. Quote:

    amd x6 1055 t
    4gb ddr3

    Lol... well making a rig with a hexicore under 1000 dollars is going to be extremely hard.

    however, you could make a very decent quad core under 1000 like I did.
    Parts I suggest:
    1) CPU: AMD Phenom x4 955

    2) Motherboard MSI 790FX-GD70 AM3

    3) Graphics Card: HIS Ice Q 5770

    4) Power Supply: Corsair 550 Watt

    5)Memory: G-skill Trident 2x2gb (4gb)

    6) HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1tb HDD

    7)Computer Case: Rosewill Cruiser]

    8) CPU Fan: Arctic Cooler Freezer Pro 64

    9) OS: Windows 7 home Premium 64 bit

    Total: $955.91 (plus shipping)

    Thats a good rig I came up with in less then 15 minutes based on prior knowledge of each part, plus I own some of the parts to :P.

    Guess you could trim the cost down by scaling the memory speeds down to 1333 but it wouldn't make much difference, and sides, 1600 is much faster and I definatly recomend it.

    So, hopefully this helps!
  2. you can get that down a bit with combos and rebates.

    I'd suggest using the new 1075T, which is a 3.0 GHz processor instead of 2.8, and seems to be a cleaner process build over the 1055 and 1090, and several articles are reporting overclock in excess of 4.0 GHz. got one that ran at 4.0Ghz with a cpu temp of only 46C. tested one at a 24-hour stabe in prime95 overclock at 4.15 GHz. Another article was able to at least run a 3DMark benchmark at 4.5 GHz, though that wasn't tested for long term stability.

    If you aren't planning such extreme overclocks (though 4.0 should be easy to do if you want) you can go with an 880GM or 870 motherboard which will handle single card graphics just fine.
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