ATI or Intel?

Hi guys

Was just wondering what the difference was between the 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD5470 Graphics Card and the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD both are offered when buying a dell it'll cost me £40 extra for the ATI is it worth the money?

BTW i want to use it for photoshop and starcraft 2 also its the Dell inspiron 15r i want to buy it with

I've tried looking at various comparison websites but I can't understand the differences!

Any help would be great thanks
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  1. The ATI one is a discrete card with dedicated memory of its own, the intel one is built into the new i3 and i5 processors and is fairly weak, if you want to play SC2 you wont be able to do it on the GMA HD so go for the 5470.
  2. for gaming i would def recommend the 5470 over the integrated graphics
  3. Intel is a processor manufacturing company, intel versus amd not ati - ati is versus nvidia which are graphics cards bro.

    lmfao nvm, didnt read the post! my bad...aha..
  4. awesome thanks guys I'll fork out the extra cash then...

    Can you think of any other laptops that could compete with 15r before I buy it...

  5. Shop some on newegg. I've caught deals when the laptop is cheaper than you could buy it at the manufacturer's website.
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