Venomous X or Megahalems

Hi guys

I am having a really really tough desicion between the 2 mentioned coolers. Tbh i likw the megahalems because the top looks like the transformers logo and the VenX looks like a normal cooler however i have heard the ven X is a better one. The ven X is £39 while the megaH is £42 both without fans.Any help on the best fans for these two?. I would like the noise levels to be similar to the stock intel fans

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  1. The VenX uses 120mm fans, these are good, quiet and have a choice of airflow, get them from Scan.

    For the cost of the heatsink and fans you might also want to considor

    Some of if the not the best coolers on the market. :)
  2. I have also been told the megahalems is way better!, its very hard to pick. Would they both fit ont asus p6t mobo with dominator ram? and as for the fans, are they controlled by the mobo?
  3. They are all very good so I don't think you can go far wrong with any of them.

    If you have the high heatsink Dominator ram then you may well have a problem with the Arrow and the Noctua.

    If you are choosing your own fans you have the luxury of getting a nice quiet haf fan like the Enermax.

    This is worth a look. -

    And this for fans and results -

    They are so similar, take your pick and yes the fans can be controlled through the mobo and speedstep unless you are overclocking. You could also get a fan speed controller or use Speedfan, personally I use a manual speed controller.
  4. The Noctuas are quality but not the cheapest and not the highest air flow.

    The resistors can be used to set you fan at a constant speed like 30% or 70% speed which you don't really want. You want it to speed up as the cpu heat increases.

    The TB's are excellent, I have 2, virtually silent but again don't push out loads of air.

    I am assuming you are going to get 2 and use them in push pull for best performance.

    These have higher airflow -

    These are also good -
  5. Hi beano, i appriciate all the help lol

    I am going to use one fan atm to keep costs down however i will get 2 in a push pull in the start of jan. Atm im just looking for something to last me thease 2-3 weeks so something not more than 10 quid. aslo how do i know the fans are the ones that spin faster as the cpu heats up?. Also can you reccoment and good Blue or green led fans? . Not looking to buy from scan this time round due to all the snow ahah so im buying from this aviva place. thanks again
  6. The Enermax Appolish do all sorts of colours but are a bit more expensive.

    I have the Enermax Everest that are blue and the Enermax Clusters are white.

    Both of these will work with a single unit but will obviously improve when you can add another, I'm assuming you want them as you have a side window or something and that you will get 2 the same.

    Only thing with the Everest and Appolish is they have a built in temp sensor that supposidly measures the temps where you put it and auto adjusts but I didn't find that it worked very well so I cut the end off and twisted the wires together to get it to run at full speed or whatever speed I decide through my fan speed controller.

    Anyway you will need to control your fan speeds through the bios, each fan slot will have its own setting, each board is different but somewhere in the settings you will find the different fan adjustments but you need fans with pwm connections, looks like the only ones with pwm are the Clusters -

    Think its called Q fan on your board.

    And the TB Vegas where you can have any colour you fancy but are expensive -

    This is getting complicated. :pt1cable:

    I know you dont want to spend extra money but if you got yourself a fan speed controller you could get any fan you like and turn them up and down when needed, thats what I do.
  7. Hi beano

    Im probs going for the enermax silence however i realise it is a 3 pin connector however it comes with a 4 pin converter. I have a 4 pin socket on my mobo. Will this mean that the enermax will work like my normal intel fan?

  8. No the adapter changes a 3 pin fan into a 4 pin molex, not a 4 pin pwm.

    The TB's only push ou 42CFM the recommended for the Mega is 57CFM.

    The Clusters are 53CFM and have pwm.

    2x TB's would be good but you will need to either run them full speed constantly which isn't a problem because they are so quiet ir get yourself a fan speed controller. I think your choices are -

    2x TB Silence, try them full speed if too loud get a fan speed controller later. £16 approx

    1 or 2 Clusters running off pwm setup in the bios. £21

    If you read the reviews they use some pretty powerfull fans on the Mega to get those results, I still think the Magma's are gonna give you best results but you'll need a controller unless you take the very expensive TB Vegas with pwm.

    If you aren't overclocking the TB's will be fine, if overclocking you'll want 2x Clusters or the Magma's

    Magma's are gonna be £19 + £20 controller = £39

    Best and easiest setup is the Clusters with pwm, get 1, check you temps and go from there, unless by getting 2 and saving on postage is gonna work out saving you money.

    Looks like you only get 1 set of fan clips and need to buy these for the 2nd fan
  9. Hi beno

    I have just thought of an idea. I have a antec 1200 case which has 2 120 mm fans at the back connected with a default speed controller which has the speeds low, medium and high. Could i disconnect one f the fans and connect it to the heatsink?
  10. Yes, if its anything like my Antec300 it will be an Antec Tricool fan, they are pretty good and need a 4 pin molex connection from the psu.

    With mine I managed to get the speed switch to hang out of the back of the case through the mobo plate then I can adjust it when needed without having to open up the case.

    You mean all this other advice.....................and now the Antec... [:fisshy:2]

    Only jokin :D
  11. Ahah = P

    first the difficulty of selecting the heatsink and now the difficulty of the fan = P

    I will probabaly do this then, yes they are the tri cool however will taking the fann off hinder the cases tempreture. Also another question that was bugging me in my sleep, if you have a fan controller the the cpu fan and say you began to render a video and the cpu temps went high, how would you know?
  12. Yeah but if you end up with the right gear its all worth it.

    Yes it will effect the extraction from the case, obviously 2 fans expell more than 1.
    What speed do you have your rear fans set at at the minute?

    As for temps there are quite a few progs you can use, HWMonitor, Coretemp, Realtemp and Speedfan.
    That is the advantage of using pwm fans as once set in the bios they speed up and slow down with the cpu temps.

    Your still going to get best performace with a couple of Clusters, they are pwm and it will free up your rear fans.
    Also the Enermax will be a lot quieter than the Antecs.
  13. Hi beano

    I cannot get the clusters atm because of scan saying that their are delays and aswell no local retailers sell this fan. I will use the antec one for the time being however as this fan is a chassis fan and is directly connected to the Molex plug of the PSU how will i go from there?. Im worried that the cpu will heat up and i leave the fans setting too low causing it to overheat. Still very confused

    I am considering getting fans from these 2 stores so could you have a lok and reccomend a good one (PWM) for the timebeing?

    I cannot think of any other store of the similar in manchester

  14. Don't worry the Antec is a powerful fan, the best thing to do is attach it then download a prog called OCCT.

    Run OCCT and monitor your cpu temp using the other progs I said.

    This will give you the max temp your cpu will reach and you can adjust the fan while testing to see what speed you need to run it at.

    You can also set the max temp of the cpu in the bios, a shutdown temp of sat 75C, if it reaches this the PC will shut down.

    I'd hang on for the clusters and not spend any extra money, the Antec will be fine.

    The cooler you have is very good and will keep the cpu cool with the Antec.
  15. = D considering the Oc i7 at 4ghz get to 70C on the megahalems i think im pretty safe with one at 3ghz ahah. I never knew the bios could do that!, im going to do that for safety = )
  16. Yeah just run occt with it set to low, then med then high.

    If it stays around 60-70C with low or med you have no worries.

    The tricool pushes out 39/56/79 CFM at its different speeds so it will give you an idea of how the others will perform.
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