Can not boot HDD

Just finished building a tower and everything seems to be in working order until I try to boot the HDD, which I had already installed win7, while using a different computer. I have already changed boot priority and booting from bios. It continues to come up with an error message to insert a bootable storage device. Any ideas?
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    lol, you have to re-install win 7 for different PC. the last PC has different drivers from your new PC and that what makes it crash

    re-install :)
  2. Thank you, I will try it out later--however I have transferred HDD's from computer to computer before and they have ran just fine, I was a little worried I had installed this hdd incorrectly. I had mounted it inside my case with the silicon wafer facedown and the steel side with the details on it face up, have I just scratched the disk by doing so?
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  4. Worked out just fine, thank you!
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