so I have a dell dimension E521 Desktop. Anyway, its got a motherboard thats crap now after Dells BIOS utility crapped out on me in the middle of it. So I've been looking around and i found a guide on how to recover from that but its from a different dell computer. Heres the link

So i need to know how I can put in a new BIOS like so. Do I just follow that up above? The latest BIOS I was trying to install was an executable made to be used within windows. Since i can't get there, how would I use it to get it on the mobo. I can get an older DOS BIOS to use that I could use somehow. I'm just wondering how i would do it.

If anybody has any information on doing this, please please please please please respond!

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  1. Funkyguy, that's what is called a 'learning experience'. You might try clearing the BIOS, remove the battery or change the jumper on your MB, whatever. Then, try to re-boot.
    Why were you trying a BIOS update on a 5 yr old CPU and MB??? Did you RTFI?????
  2. I was trying to update it so that I could install a new processor into my socket. There is this whole family thing going wit the AMD AM2, AM2+, and AM3 sockets. AM3 processors can go into AM2 sockets. So i was updating it with Dells update thing, and it didn't work. Not my fault Dell can't make a simple program for their lives.

    I'm looking for help here dude, not persecution.
  3. Clearing the CMOS memory is a good idea, you should always do it after you have updated the BIOS as not doing so may cause the computer not to post afterwards. Clear the CMOS correctly by using the jumper on the board with the power cord DISCONECTED. Removing the battery for a while is not good enough.
    You have nothing to lose by following the instructions given on the Dell web site but if your motherboard does not have a dual BIOS then it is dead.
  4. Hmmm, I can't really find the CMOS memory thing. I have these two jumpers that are sorta close the battery. there is the one called a PSWD that is where the jumper usually is and then another called RTCRST. Do i move it over to he RTCRST?
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