88000gts ~80C under load.. is this Okay?

Hey guys, one of my 8800gts (the one not getting enough circulation due to its close proximity to the other 8800gts) is running 75-80C under full load.. is this okay?

Thanks in Advance.. My rig's specs are in my profile in case you're curious.
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  1. 80 - is that with fans on full speed?
  2. fans full speed yup
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    As "dipankar" says its not a problem, normally.

    Anyways, the card itself will let you know if it cant handle the temperature over time (shuts down) - but when that time comes, it might be too late (in worst case).
    Personally I prefer to keep the temp below 75, if possible.

    Whats the temp on the other card? If I understand you correctly, the "hot one" gets warm due to its location and not because of workload. If so, it should be pretty easy to fix this with better air flow inside the case.
    Im not a huge fan-expert, but Im sure others have good advices regarding case fans if you worry about the temp.
  4. Do you have good airflow in your case?

    If youre sidepannel has any upgradable fan slots, your best bet would be to get some cheap fans from either or
  5. Yeah, I have a Haf 922 in an open area with the optional 200mm fan installed.. The ambient temps from my previous case were dropped by about 5C. The other card Runs at 65-70 while the 'Hot' Card runs at 70-80 (rarely hits 80, but maybe after like 4 hours of gaming it will).
  6. Oh, in that case you should not worry. At least I wouldnt.
    I thought maybe you were fighting like a mad man to even keep it at 80.
    80 after several hours is good to go. Have fun!
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