Eed help to decide best config for GAMEing System

Hi all,

i am going to upgrade my system very soon, please let me know your view on my system's config as:

Processor = Intel i7 950 Price 316$
Mobo = Asus SABERTOOTH X58 Price 280$
Memory = G Skill (8 GB) Price 100$
GPU = ENGTS 450 DirectCU TOP/DI/1GD5 (1GB GDDR5) (SLI Enable) Price 150$
PSU = Corsair TX750W Price 120$

Total = 966$ only. (suite for my budget)

I already has HDD,Monitor, KB+Mouse, Cabinet DVD Writer etc. i only required above specific Items.

Please let me know your view on this
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  1. First off perhaps u could use this template

    Err am i correct to say u are from India and u meant 40k Rupees?
  2. lol, I think so... But there is no way you can fit this into a 450 Watt PSU.
    Pardon me asking, but what do you mean by cabinet?
    Link doesn't work for me
  3. I think cabinet = PC casing and ya that Zebronic 450 has got to go lol
  4. I was thinking so
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