What is the best SATA-II SSD?

I have a Toshiba R830 laptop, with a mechanical 7200rpm drive.
I wanted to upgrade to an SSD, but I recently found out that toshiba "blocked" the SATA-III ports, so all anyone can use in this laptop is SATA-II speeds.
So, now I have two questions:
-Since I don't have access to SATA-III speeds, what is the best SSD I can buy? I only need 240Gb.
-Is it still worth it to upgrade to an SSD, even if I can't have SATA-III?
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  1. In short most any Sata III SSD is compatible and should saturate the bandwidth of a Sata II port.

    ~280ish read/write speeds

    I'd say it would be worth the upgrade.

    If you're not worried about Refurbished.... i'd buy this right now.

  2. Thanks for the quick reply.
    I'm not worried about refurbished, but it's kinda hard to get any refurbished items here in Portugal and the shipping costs for online purchases are usually too much.
    The cheapest 240Gb I can find is a new Samsung 840 (SATA-III), for 173€.
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