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Right, I've already made a post about processors (Phenom II x2 555 or athlon II x4) And well if anyone here can help I'm needing to find a processor which is good,Will be long lasting and definitely worth the money! And possibly somewhere to buy one from(GBP)
I was told the phenom II x2 555 would be good for gaming and the x4 would be good for games like IV. My plan is really to play games like gta iv, but also a few MMORPGs. I'm not loaded and could do with the cheapest one working in my AM2+/Am3 mobo. Thanks ;)
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  1. IF this link is good then there are some CPUs

    But these CPUs are all AM3.
    I would recommend you
    I think you can unlock it to Quad core CPU.
  2. They're lookin' good! I'll do my research! Thanks for the effort :)
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