GA X58A UD3R with sata 3 SSD and raid 0 HD's

I am running a Gigabyte X58A-UDR r.1 mobo with the i7 920 stock clock, 6 gigs of triple channel RAM, and currently a 640 WD Black HD. En route courtesy of newegg, I have an OCZ agility 3 ( )and another 640 WD HD. My plan is to run the SSD as a boot disk and the HD's in raid 0. I am aware of the marvel and intel chipset issue and as a result curious about what layout i should choose. I have heard that trim does not work on the Sata 3 connector and that intel's chipset are top notch. I have seen bench tests showing the intel chipset yielding faster speeds in sata 2 SSD comparisons. what is the best layout?

1> SSD on marvel controller, Raid 0 on intel

2> All drives on intel

I also have 2 DVD drives that require sata connections.

Is there another iteration i have omitted and should consider? I have also seen alot of drives bricking from hibernation mode being left on and other software fouls, is there any truth to these claims?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Golly, i could use a hand on this.
  2. Option 1 is your best bet.

    SSD on GSATA3_6, RAID-0 on SATA2_0 & SATA2_1, DVDs on GSATA2_8 & GSATA_9
  3. is there no concern of having the lack of trim to clean up the drive? i'm currently having the drive fail after several boots on the intel controller without the raid even set up. what should i be running ide or ahci?
  4. Your SSD should be in AHCI mode. Your SSD and Windows 7 support TRIM so you don't have to worry.
  5. i don't think the marvell controller supports trim. Thanks again for the help.
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