Workstation emergency!

We had our only cad computer go down at work today and the boss needs a new card asap and the designer would like a quadro card. The boss doesn't want to spend more than 150$... I know cheap @$$. But here is the other catch the power supply is only 300w and of course the boss won't pay to upgrade anything but the card. So if anyone can help i would appreciate it. I was kinda looking at the Quadro FX 380 but can't find the recommended power supply.

EDIT: Found a 350w psu in the basement that I will donate so I dunno if that wil help. also have a AMD athalon 3800.
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  1. well I guess no one understands emergency so I ordered the 380 Hopefully it will run ok on the 350w. Saw somewhere they recomend 450w but we will see.
  2. Roughed you at 284 but you gave to little information so i was guessing a lot. I would think your 350 should do it with the 380 being the low end. Next time your run into this problem google powersupply calculator or at least give more info on your rig. Good luck chief.
  3. thats the issue I don't really have anymore info than you do I was told this like 5 minutes before quitting time on Friday and was told to have a new card ordered over the weekend so it gets here by Monday Tuesday. Sorry about the lack of info and didn't know about the power supply calc thing I will remember that in the future.
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