Intel 950 vs intel 960

hello, i have been building a gaming pc and i have been confused between intel 950 and intel 960... some say tht the 960 is better for rendering and some say that 950 is better for gaming...
can anyone help me choose? thanks!
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  1. Your CPU will hardly affect your gaming performance when using high end i7's. A 950 and good GPU will be EXACTLY the same as a 960 and the same GPU in gaming. Just buy whichever is cheapest rather than wasting money.
  2. Hi,

    The 950 is a lot cheaper and performs a lot better than the 960.
    Reviews : and

    Plus, it overclocks like a charm. It is possible to run it at only 1v at stock settings, which is really impressivee !
    It's also quite easy to reach the 4GHz with a bclk of 200MHz and a multiplier of 20. It's highest muliplier is 23 (without TurboBoost, with it, it might jump to 24), which means that you can very easily obtain 4.6GHz without changing the bclk.

    Hope this helped,
  3. What Intel 960 and 950.Core i7 or Pentium D?
  4. ^^Good Point!! :)
  5. Both will perform similarly. Core I7 960 has a higher clock speed at the expense of extra 250 dollars. Get the I7 950. With your saved moneys you can get a greater GPU.
  6. i7 950 all the way. Overclock that thing (even with the stock cooler) and you'd be seeing better than 960 performance.
  7. thanks a lot guys !!
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