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I just have an issue with my HDD as even if I put the power supply, there is no sound, the drive is not spinning at all.
I have followed the resolution on below thread

Both diodes read some significant ohms, and the 000 one is nearly equal to zero (around 2 ohms)
When putting the power cable, the 12V diode read 12V and the 5V one, -5V
When trying to put the black terminal of my multimeter to the ground part of the SATA input and try to check the voltage on the Vcores and Vneg, all read to 0V. I checked the resistance part at the same point and read a few hundreds ohms.

Any idea how to find the reason?

One potential cause was this HDD was within an external storage unit linked to the PC by USB 2.0
I canged my motherboard to a new Gigabyte Z77 and the external drive was not properly recognized anymore (it takes a lot of time to see the first folders level, and then after, nothing possible). On another PC, there was no problem. I open the box, unplug the USB adapter and plug directly the disk first into a converted SATA+> USB without success, so I tried directly into a SATA cable on my PC (both data and power). The disk was not recognized, so I try again with original external drive box, but it was not working anymore....

I will try to find a similar drive this weekend on electronic shop (knowing the PCB swap may not anyway). I would appreciate any suggestion for finding the reason of the problem

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  1. When you change the PCB and it won´t work, get the "BIOS" from the defective and solder it to the "new" one.
  2. helpstar said:
    When you change the PCB and it won´t work, get the "BIOS" from the defective and solder it to the "new" one.

    Thank you for your answer.
    By BIOS, do you mean the Marvell MCU?
    I have seen it and it does not seem easy to unsold and resold (at least, I have no clue on how to do it)
  3. That´s the controller.
    Post a picture or write down the inscription of the black chips. (SO-8 and bigger)
  4. Here is the picture

    The small chip on the left seems to be a MOSFET (STJ009 (828J))

    As mentioned I below site, the bios seems to be located on the controller

    I will give a try for another disk with same PCB type BF41-0006B) and try to find a company being able to move chip.
    One silly question: rather than moving PCB, is it possible to move the disk cylinders themselves from one disk to another?
  5. That´s the problem in this case. You are right, the BIOS is integrated in the Controller, and it´s a BGA :(

    Why would you wanna try to move cylinders? It is possible, in a clean antistatic environment, but in this case not helping.
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    In some cases a straight board swap may work. You need to match the firmware, though. That said, data recovery professionals can't seem to agree when a firmware transfer is necessary.

    The following thread illustrates two cases, one where a transfer was not required, and one where it was.
  7. Thanks a lot to both of you for your help
    I found the same drive today with the same PCB (small differences in chips last number or the zero resistor label (000 in previous case, 0 only here), but basically the same)
    I moved the PCB to old drive, linked it to the SATA cables, and will a great surprise, the disk started to rotate, and Windows recognize it and its former contents.
    I am now copying all data to a new disk

    So this time, as mentioned in the other thread of fzabkar, the bios move was not necessary in case of Samsung.

    So I am quite happy with the result, and at the end have got quite knowledge for this trouble resolution.

    For conclusion, as in my case, Samsung PCB with number = FB41-00206B R00 was able to be exchanged to another disk without BIOS move which make the job quite easy. Disk model is Samsung HD103UI/JP1 1000GB F1_3D, REV. A
    The one I had was made in 2009/02 and the donor one in 2008/10

    Once again thanks to this site for having such exchange possible and thanks to both of you for your answers
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  9. For Samsung HDD, just need the donor PCB has the same board number as yours. See this post: Samsung Hard Drive PCB Boards Buying Guide
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