Designated physx

how much performance can you get if you have a designated physx card?

like if you have 460sli and a 100 dollar gts 250 (idk if that card has it but id just buy the cheapest card i could find that had it)

my board does 16/8/8 would the increased performance if any be enough to over come the 2nd card dropping to x8
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  1. For PhysX games yes, and some benchmarks like 3DMark, otherwise no seeing as it does not really do anything outside of games which use PhysX. Regardless though, those GTX 460s won't use up all the bandwidth of a x8 slot so you wouldn't see any performance difficulties.
  2. +1^
    Also remember that enabling PhysX in some games will give you a noticeable performance drop compared to PhysX disabled.
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