ESATA suddenly not hot-plugging anymore

i experience a strange problem:

On my new Win7 PC, i have 2 Sharkoon eSATA cases and several Verbatim eSATA drives attached.

Normally, i could power them up while runnung the OS and they showed up OK, also the hotplug symbol showed those drives and i could remove them again (mostly ...).

But now, neither the disks show up when not directly booted with them, nor does the hotplug symbol appear at all, so that i cannot remove them.

I suppose, this happened after i changed some service or auto-start process, but i have no idea which one.

Any idea?

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  1. Just to add this:

    I have "all symbols enabled" for the task-list and also even tested with the symbolic link containing "%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll", but to no avail.

    The eSATA drives show only up when booting with them and still, not unplug symbol appears for them.

    This was different two days agao :-|
  2. Now, it seems i found the immediate reason for this behavior:

    While checking the system, i noticed 8 CPUs shown in taskmanager, so HyperThreading was enabled!

    I rebooted into the BIOS and noticed that ALL settings were different from what i changed there.
    HT enabled, Serial and parallel ports enabled - and SATA not on "hotpluggable".

    As sure i did not do this, *something* managed to change or reset my BIOS settings!


    Very confusing!

    It is a Asus P8C WS with the latest BIOS version: 3108
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