ATI Radeon HD5750 (Driver Issue?)


I recently bought a new PC, some specs below:

Processor: AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition Processor
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD5750 Graphics

It was working fine until I tried to update the driver for the graphics card. I was led to,, and downloaded ATI Catalyst™ 10.7 Suite for Windows 7 (64 bit).

During the install the computer crashed and restarted. Once it came back I kept getting a message saying there was no ATI driver installed and the resolution was reduced. There was also nothing being displayed under 'display' in dxdiag. I then ran the download again and chose 'uninstall' which seemed to bring it back, however there was no CCC. I then downloaded the CCC and tried to install it, the computer crashed again.

After that I had nothing showing up in 'display' for dxdiag again and under 'display adapters' in 'device manager' it is saying I have ATI Radeon 3100 graphics. Also I can only get an output on from my monitor through the VGA port whereas I was using the DVI port when all was fine.

Then after downloading and running this: It says I have ATI Radeon 3100 in my dxdiag. I don't know why.

I have no idea how to get things back to as they were, any help would be appreciated.
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  1. boot into safe mode, and use Driversweeper to completely remove the old driver, before reinstalling the newest catalyst suite.

    DxDiag is probably detecting the on-board GPU.

    just to make sure, you have got the video cable plugged into the Video card, and not the motherboard right? (that could be why it crashed, and people do make that mistake)
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I was told to use driver sweeper by someone at another forum but I wasn't sure what I was doing. I did however install an older driver. Initially it didn't work and was still showing up as an ATI Radeon 3100. I then turned the computer off over night and when I came to turn it on again it switched back to the ATI Radeon HD5750. I don't know how or why but my virus scanner did find a worm.

    The cabling was fine as it was all working correctly before I tried to install the new driver. I'm hoping that the issue is fixed now but I don't understand how it would just randomly decide to switch after a longer period of time as reboots were required when installing the drivers.
  3. sounds more like a faulty card then.

    try re-seating the video card, it may just be badly installed and not correctly making contact. double check the PCIe power connectors too, even if they look alright.
  4. I don't think the card is faulty, it was working fine until I tried installing a newer driver. If I installed the driver incorrectly the first time round would that have affected the card? and if it did could I have damaged it irreparably and this is only a temporary fix.

    I was also told on the other forum that the driver I was trying to update to (10.7) had issues, so I was told to install the 9.12 drivers.
  5. dont think you need to go as far as 9.12. 10.3 is considered to be a rock solid rollback driver.

    driver sweeper and try 10.3, i guess would be the first step. if the card works then you know the driver did some damage. shouldn't be irreparable though.
  6. OK, thanks for all the help. I will try to figure out how driver sweeper works and then go up to 10.3.
  7. Seems as though it was only temporary. My monitor went into hibernation and then I couldn't get any display. I took the DVI cable out and plugged in the VGA cable and got the display back. However it now says I have ATI Radeon 3100 again.

    I am sure now though that the ATI Radeon 3100 is the integrated motherboard graphics. The DVI and VGA outputs from that are fine. It is the DVI port for the graphics card that is not giving any display and not being recognized.
  8. Maybe you have set the screen refresh rate too high. If you use TFT then in vga mode set it to 60 Hz and then shut down and restart in dvi mode. I had this issue and it got solved like this.
  9. My monitor is set at 60Hz but still receives no signal from the graphics card DVI port
  10. I'm continuing to have problems.

    After being advised to disable the integrated graphics in BIOS it resulted in me having no display at all, I had 3 beeps in POST and was forced to reset the CMOS in order to get a display back. I still get no display from the graphics card DVI port and only from the motherboard VGA port with the integrated graphics still being the only thing showing in dxdiag and device manager.
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