Looking for a new case to replace my Antec 900.

I'm sick of Antec 900's terrible cable management and flashy appearance. I need a new case.

I know this is a lot to ask for one case but, I want a case that's just a standard solid black that's not flashy at all, has good cable management, and decent airflow.

Something like this, but with better airflow and cable management:
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  1. Don't know your budget but this is a nice choice.
  2. It's a nice looking case, but the interior is too similar to the antec 900 and I suspect there will also be awful cable management with this case.
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    Don'y know the cost but looks nice and tidy...and big.
  4. Wow that's a nice case.
    Thanks, I'll do some more research on it.
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  6. the corsair is like 289.00 Kinda high but sweet case.
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