Opened the Cover Of My Hard Drive. Can i get it working again?

Few days back, my hard drive stopped working properly. My computer will work for sometime, then it will freeze. I bought a new hdd and installed it my in my pc. The problem still existed. Actually, it was because of a faulty RAM. I removed that ram chip and now my pc is working flawlessly. I had opened my dead hard drive(i thought it was dead but it was alright) to see how it looks from inside.. And now my computer is not detecting it. I want to know if i can get it working again.

I apologise for my fabulous english :)

Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hard drives should only be opened by professionals in clean room conditions. You've probably ruined it. If you want the data back you'll probably have to send it to a professional data recovery company. Good luck.
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  3. Ok Thanks..
  4. Hello, I happened upon this discussion and wanted to shed some light on it myself. Sorry to hear of your hard drive issues but I see folks that open HDD regularly. I understand that because we are all inquisitive and want to try and fix it, totally understandable. The issue with an opened drive is that dust and electronics do not mix and dust on the platters can cause real problems. Our company Data Mechanix can still look at it and try a recovery but we charge $200 up front unfortunately. I would not say the drive is a total loss, that has yet to be determined but how much is the data worth to you is the million dollar question. We can try for you and if anyone can do it, we can. Just reach out to me and I will send you information. Good luck and thanks for talking with me. Diskdoctor.
  5. If you just opened the cover and closed it, you likely didn't cause too much damage from that. Powering it on with possible dust particles would be the big problem. That said, I wouldn't rule out the chance of recovering your data. My lab (Recovery Force) just recently dropped our fee for previously opened drives and we don't charge more for the recovery, just because the drive was opened. It is even possible for your data to be recovered at our minor recovery rates. If you want a referral to a trusted lab in your area, let me know and I will be happy to give you a few links.
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