Help! TV resolution won't comply!

I use an 8800gts --> S-vid --> CRT tv as my "monitor"
I recently reformated and cannot get the resolution I need to play certain games. I just want it to go to 1280x768 but it only gives me two options:
800x600 and 1024x768.
I know that I was able to do this before because I played the games fine b4. I have the most up to date drivers. I'm not sure whats wrong... my only thought is that perhaps I somehow didn't have the right drivers b4?

What I mean is that when I go into nvidia control panel, it recognizes that I am using a tv as a monitor and am hooked up to it with an S-vid cord. This seems to be what is stopping me from getting the wider range of selection in resolutions. I'm pretty sure that b4 i reformated It just said I was using a monitor.

Does anyone know how I can get a higher res so that my games work? Also, I am going to be buying a new vid card and which one I choose depends on whether or not I can get this to work. Please help.
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