Adding new SSD to my home build

Hi, I just ordered a 120 gb Crucial SSD
I am also running a 600gb HDD in my computer already with windows 7(64 bit) and all my games and programs etc.
When I get the SSD I want to be able to put my OS on it along with my most played games. The way I was thinking of doing this was to unplug my HDD, install the SSD and do a fresh install of Windows 7 onto the SSD. Then reattaching the HDD and making the SSD the main boot drive, and just moving over whatever games i want onto the SSD as well. Would this work okay? If not what would be the best way to go about this without losing any of my files on the HDD. (new to SSDs clearly)
Thanks for any help you can give :)
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  1. yes it will work that way...

    you should read the forum threads/posts - the answers to your questions are already here
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  3. Thanks, wasn't sure , had read a few, just wanted to run it by someone one more time.
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