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Hello, I am currently planning out a new build, and I'm not 100% sure if my Motherboard has the correct port for my GPU, could somebody clarify this for me? Thanks in advance !
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  1. wait your motherboard would be the one with the pci slot not your CPU.
  2. haha you would be correct, my bad :??: , if you click the CPU it will take you to the motherboard thoug
  3. It might be helpful for you to simply list the MB and cpu or socket format in the question? :)
  4. As for cpu support, it will support the AM3 socketed cpus...

    AMD Athlon X2
    AMD Phenom II
    AMD Athlon X4
    AMD Athlon X3
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    Yes they are fully compatible. The motherboard you linked even has a second slot for that video card, so you could install a second one later on if you wanted.
  6. So go a buy it... :)
  7. alright, thanks a lot guys! I'm new at this, so sorry if my question was dumb lol I'm ready to go for boxing day now :D
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