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Hi all!

im having some problems with my computer (the details are in my profile)

i used to play BF bad company 2 max with no issue for hours and assasinss creed too

now its been like 6 months and never had a problem..played metro 2033 max with NO problems last month

today, im getting back to bad company 2 and when im starting to play (when the game is loading the map) the pc shuts down completely.. ive tried with low settings but the same happens..then ive tried assasins creed and after 5 min of gameplay, it shuts down.. it also happens with other games

i dont know whats the problem, what could it be?

- gpu drivers? (ive updated to latest) maybe i did something wrong? conflicts?

- gpu overheating/ fan problem?

- cpu? mobo? psu?

what do u think?

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  1. Most likely power supply. Full specs?
  2. overheating is easy to check. Get some software to check cpu and gpu temps then play a while.

    My bets are either dust making the cooling fins useless, bad drivers (make sure to get the latest for your GPU) or your PSU is dying. You didnt give a component list so its hard to judge which is more likely.
  3. it was de cpu fan.. old thermal paste and with some dust.. replaced it and problem solved!

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