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I keep all my data and media digital and use my PC as an HTPC, preferring that to swapping BluRays and DVDs in and out. Films and television shows are all 1080p digital rips, movies averaging between 10-15gb, TV seasons sometimes upwards of 30gb. I keep all my music as hard files as well, not being a huge fan of Cloud Services so there's beginning to be quite a large volume of data.

As of right now I've got a 2TB external drive full and am on the way to filling up an additional 3TB drive.

I don't know much about storage and was wondering what other alternatives there are to just getting another external hard drive?

Do they make boxes that you can just plug internal hard drives into and connect to your PC via USB 3.0 or another sort of cable? If such a box existed, would the drives show up as removable media? If there were multiple hard drives in the box, enclosure, whatever would they show up as one drive or multiple?

My router router allows me to plug in two USB drives to it and access them via FTP. Would it be possible to do a similar thing with the theoretical "hard drive box" discussed above?

And would this wind up making more financial sense then just continuing to buy external USB hard drives every time I fill one up?

Thanks for the information.
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