HP Laptop won\'t recognize Intel SSD through eSATA connection?

Bought a new 240 GB Intel 330 SSD, and have an eSATA cable from a Seagate hard drive I own. Connected the SSD with the cable via my laptop eSATA port, but the system only recognizes a cable is attached, not the actual SSD itself. Is this because their is not enough power available from the port which is insufficient to make the drive recognizable to Windows?

Kinda stuck, any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Did you check if it's listed in disk management? You need to initialize / partition / format a disk there, before you can use it.
  2. Yes, it doesn't show up in disk management, nor explorer. Only the Seagate cable is recognized, and tried troubleshooting the cable, to no avail...
  3. You have to connect the power cable too, because the eSATA connectors cannot supply power, and require a power supply for the external device.
  4. Hmm, but my Seagate external hard drive (which uses the same cable) is powered exclusively using that same cable and esata port on my laptop, there is no secondary power cable for it. I've seen where a SATA cable one end, and two USB on the other end are used for data migration, thought the two USB's were to get the additional power required to power the SSD externally. Don't have that cable though..
  5. That is right, the usb can supply up to 6 A at either 5 V, 12 V, or 24 V (depending on keying) to peripheral devices.

    You need other power cable. If you want get one like the link
  6. Great thanks, I was looking at getting this dual USB one, but if the single port USB cable provides enough power, will purchase it instead.
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    That is fine, and remember it is only for 2.5" HDD/SSD. The other one with the short core is for the extra connector if one works fine you don't need plug in this one.
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  9. Cheers, will order the cable and let you know how I made out!
  10. I had one of this use for the 2.5" HDD, I replaced the SSD in my laptop then I use that HDD for backup/storage.
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