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I need your idea about my little heat issue...

My first card is pretty hot ... full load it's alway @ ~93 it seem pretty hot ? (and fan run at 100%)

First, it's a problem ? what is the best (max temp.)?
Second , UD3R design have set pcie x 16 socket too close ... and I guess if I move to a x8 socket I'll loose some fps power?
Third, wathercolling is it the last solution to keep cool my first card ? (It seem a expensive solution ~200-300?)

Thanks for your suggestion/help

- GA-X58A-UD3R
-2 x 5870 ...

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  1. Yeah that is the issue with a dual card setup. They tend to put the slots only 2 spaces away just enough to leave room for the cooler. I tried a 4870 CF setup a while back and the top card would overheat at 100C. I ended up selling both and getting a 5870. You really need to make sure you have alot of case airflow and preferably a side fan that circulates air between the cards. 93C is pretty hot, but they are designed to run hot. As long as it isn't crashing I'd say go for it, but would try to increase airflow.
  2. Ummm ... or I could change my motherboard ? with a extra slot between each card!?
  3. You could. That is sort of an expensive route. It would help a bit, but you still need to move the air between the cards regardless.
  4. Ok but for now it's impossible to push more air between card... my set of 5870 is 2 double card ... and for my motherboard, cards is completelly stick togetter.

    so i add a fan behind my first card ... I got a 3-5°c cooling ..(~90°c) my second card ~60°c
  5. Yeah you have to get creative with a 120mm fan and some zip ties. :-P
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